Top Places for Bengali Food in Kolkata

Top Places for Bengali Food in Kolkata

One of the best things in Kolkata apart from its history, culture and architectural brilliance is its food. Just like the people of Bengal, the city’s food is full of flavor, authenticity and is unique. If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, below are best places to enjoy a truly Bengali experience. If you are a foodie, you will find so many places here to lose yourself and create amazing food memories.

While lots of these food places are exclusive joints, few of them are part of best hotels in Kolkata. This means that when you plan right, you can stay in hotels that offer impeccable service and serve top class food at the same place!

6 Ballygunge Place

For authenticity at its best, you should plan a visit to 6 Ballygunge Place. A location chosen even by the locals for the quality of food, this is a traditional bungalow style setup offering a wide variety of Bengali cuisine. Most of the recipes served by the chefs are the signature recipes unique to the brand. It is also mentioned that the restaurant also serves a few recipes that were a part of Rabindranath Tagore’s family. You can choose from multiple Oyo hotels for stay-in options in Ballygunge and still be at a walkable distance to this restaurant.


The Peerless Inn is a very famous hotel in Kolkata that is known for its timeless tradition and charm. If you decide to stay here while in Kolkata, you should check out its fine dining restaurant, Aaheli. The restaurant has been one of the most chosen ones for pure Bengali cuisine since 1993. You can enjoy authentic food from East Bengal and West Bengal and also try out some of the recipes passed on from Bengali Zamindari families. The thali from the restaurant is its top seller.

Kewpie’s kitchen 

Amazing food often comes from traditional family recipes and family-run restaurants. The Kewpie’s kitchen is no different. This was started more than a decade ago as a small family-run joint and the taste of food has ensured people continue to flock to this place. If you are on a tight budget, this is a perfect place to try out. Thalis here are served on a banana leaf and smell and feel like home cooked delicacies. All hotels in Park Street including the Casa Fortuna and the Hotel Hindhusthan International Kolkata are close by to Kewpie’s kitchen.

Oh! Calcutta

Though a little expensive, this is one place you should not miss if you are looking for amazing Bengali cuisine and the feel of fine dining. The chefs from this restaurant have taken extreme efforts to revive traditional recipes of old Kolkata and are recreating them with authentic taste. All sea food served is said to be one of the best in the city. Not located far from Kewpie’s kitchen, you can choose to stay in Park Street, Kolkata to enjoy regular visits to this restaurant too.

Koshe Kosha  

This chain of amazing Bengali restaurant is located in different parts of Kolkata and has amazing reviews from travelers and locals. The look and feel of the interiors is like an old Bengali village household and apart from the amazing food, you will also love the service offered and the atmosphere. People love Kosha Mangsho and Kosha Murgi, Dhokar Dalna, and the Chital Macher Muitha offered here. The food is also extremely affordable, making this a popular choice for lunch or dinner spreads.

Bhojohori Manna

Another inexpensive, yet authentic Bengali restaurant for you to try out is the Bhojohori Manna in the Hindustan road. The restaurant was named after a popular 70’s song and serves different varieties of Bengali cuisine all at very affordable prices. The Daab Chingri, the Kankra Jhal, and the Kosha Mangshor Chaap served here are to die for. When you stay in hotels like the Residency and the Oyo 7186 Hotel South Inn, you are very close by to Bhojohori Manna.

Deckers lane food street

You just should not leave Kolkata without a visit to its famous food street in Deckers lane also called the James Hickey Sarani. All kinds of fried, baked, steamed and sautéed Bengali food is spread out all over the street and costs you next to nothing. An evening visit here will definitely make you fall in love with Bengali cuisine.

For a lot of people, food is also for the soul. If you feel so too, then Kolkata is definitely the city for you. From spicy seafood, filling thalis to hundreds of varieties of sweets, you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Stay in best hotels in Kolkata and travel around exploring the local cuisine!