Top Places for Bengali Food in Kolkata

One of the best things in Kolkata apart from its history, culture and architectural brilliance is its food. Just like the people of Bengal, the city’s food is full of flavor, authenticity and is unique. If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, below are best places to enjoy a truly Bengali experience. If you are a foodie, you will find so many places here to lose yourself and create amazing food memories.

While lots of these food places are exclusive joints, few of them are part of best hotels in Kolkata. This means that when you plan right, you can stay in hotels that offer impeccable service and serve top class food at the same place!

6 Ballygunge Place

For authenticity at its best, you should plan a visit to 6 Ballygunge Place. A location chosen even by the locals for the quality of food, this is a … Read more

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