Picnic In The Park 2017 (2)

Picnic ParkHigh Park has 18 designated picnic websites. If a bunch of greater than 25 individuals want to have a picnic you might be required to acquire a permit by calling City of Toronto to reserve a spot at 416-392-8188. We can’t, on this web site, respond to inquires regarding picnic site reservations.

A free park and experience service might be operating for Picnic within the Park to make it simpler to get to the event for these parking in the town centre and at Woodlands College on Southport Road. The free picnic park and ride will run every fifteen minutes from the bus stop on Union Street along with Booths and can stop off at Woodlands on Southport Road after which drop off on the high of Hallgate in Astley Village, which is just behind Astley Hall. The bus will then make the return journey stopping off on the same … Read more