Activities can be enjoy on Catalina Island

Adventure awaits you about an hour from the south coast of California, on the island of Catalina. Book your experiences online more than seven days in advance and receive off. Just select the online advance purchase price of 7 days or more in the booking window.

Look at the lot of activities to do on Catalina Island Beach and adventures for all ages.

For the adventurer, make your heart beat with a visit to the Zip Line Eco Tour, try the diving or the ecological tour of the island. For a slower pace, visitors to Catalina Island can enjoy a relaxed shopping time; immerse themselves in the spectacular views and a trip to the spa. A few of the other events that one can enjoy on Catalina Island comprise golf, hiking, biking, art and museums, and water activities.  Fishing, diving, Jet Ski rentals, paragliding, rowing and more are also few other events that one can enjoy on Catalina Island Beach.

No matter what is your taste, Catalina Island has a fun exploit waiting for you.

Float without weight on the brilliant Pacific one minute and splash in its depths from another world to the next. Catalina Island is an incredible ecosystem of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Dive through fantastic seaweed forests, get a bird’s-eye view tied to a parasail and tour the impressive interior in a Hummer outdoors or on a jeep tour. Camping in one of the numerous camps on the island is a must for nature lovers and an excellent way to experience Catalina. Whether you’re testing rowing surf, zip-lining through the canyons or the Trans-Catalina Trail, Catalina Island offers a variety of adventures for everyone.

What are you in the mood for? Whether you are looking for the next adrenaline rush, embark on the next excursion or deliver yourself to a relaxing spa day, Avalon and Two Harbors offer you both on land and at sea. Everything is at your fingertips through a short walk, taxi or boat. The list of things to do is abundant and easy to book in advance or when you arrive.

For families

For families visiting Catalina Island have many adventures to choose from, whether you make your trip to the island a day or a night. Children will enjoy our beautiful beaches, a visit to the ice cream shop or a candy store, a paddle in a kayak or a boat trip with a glass bottom. Visit the Kidalina page for adventures, events and specific itineraries for the family.

Activities at your own pace

For a relaxed pace, check out the popular and eclectic shopping at Avalon, relax on one of our beaches or plan a trip to the spa. Many of the Catalina Island tours offer a view of the island from the comfort of a jeep, boat or Hummer!

So if you want to enjoy your holiday with your whole family then Catalina Island is great place as here both young and children can enjoy different type of activities. So plan your next trip to Catalina Island.