Get to know Oahu Island, the Hawaii Islands’ Gathering Place

As the 50th state of the United States as well as an archipelago, the Hawaiian Islands have many tempting island options for tourists to visit. So many, you will need a long time to be able to explore each island. But if your travel time is super duper limited, you can focus your tour on Oahu Island.


Basic Information

Oahu Island is the third largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, after Hawaii Island (Big Island) and Maui Island. The area of ​​Oahu Island reaches 1545.4 km², with details of the length x 71 kilometers x 48 kilometers. But make no mistake, Oahu Island is an island with the most populous population in the Hawaiian Islands, with a total population of 72% of the entire population in the state. Of these, 81% of them live in urban areas, so you can imagine how crowded and crowded the atmosphere in the city area on Oahu Island.

There are several things that make Oahu Island so densely populated. One reason may be because the island is the main entrance to the state of Hawaii. Yes, the city of Honolulu, the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Hawaii is indeed located on Oahu Island.

Automatically this island became one of the busiest cities visited by many tourists, especially for those who have very limited travel time in Hawaii. Moreover, this island also has many tourist attractions that are not inferior to other islands, so it is ideal to be visited as the main tourist focus in Hawaii.

The Attraction of Oahu Island

The islands of the Hawaiian Islands have their own uniqueness that makes it special. If the Big Island has a volcano that continues to spout its eruptions from 1983 to the present, Oahu Island was formed by two volcanoes with a valley stretching in between. Automatically this island has a natural view of mountains and valleys that are very beautiful and rich, which seemed to be endless explored in a short time.

The size of Oahu Island is indeed less extensive than Big Island and Maui Island. But about the tourist attraction, this island has a lot of cool attractions that are suitable for various types of tourists. Some popular places in Hawaii, such as Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and Waikiki, are also located on Oahu Island; and that is what makes this island worth a visit for those of you who have limited travel time.

Talking about tours in the Hawaiian Islands certainly cannot be separated from talking about its beaches. Likewise with the Island of Oahu, which also has a number of beaches whose popularity is well known to foreign countries.

Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay, are only a small part of the famous beaches that you can find on Oahu Island. These beaches also host a number of popular beach and sea activities, such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and so on.

As the main entrance to the state of Hawaii and as an island with the most populous population in the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu Island is of course also one of the shopping paradise for tourists.

The island has several shopping centers that are predicted as the largest in the United States, and also has a variety of other shopping places such as traditional markets and fashion boutiques. From fresh food ingredients to limited edition items that can only be found in Hawaii, everything is on Oahu Island.

Another attraction of this island lies in the variety of alternative accommodation that you can find there. For tourists who have unlimited travel budget, there are various choices of upscale resorts that offer the convenience of staying in luxury and full of facilities.

But this island also has a number of other accommodation alternatives, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, to rented cottages that you can find throughout the island. So no need to fear it will be difficult to find accommodation that suits your travel budget while on Oahu Island.