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The month of Ramadan has arrived. Many people prefer to spend time relaxing at home when fasting. Many who avoid traveling when fasting for fear of not strong and want to focus worship. In fact, traveling when fasting can be one of the fun places of worship you know! Here are tips for your holiday to stay smooth despite being fasting that could be a reference.


1. Choose a Muslim Friendly Country

If you want to go abroad during the month of Ramadan, you can choose the Muslim country and the Muslim country as a holiday destination. In addition to the streets, you can also worship easily because there is definitely a mosque. In addition it still can be feel the atmosphere of Ramadan because of certain people in the country is also fasting. You also do not have to worry about food because certainly a lot of halal and many open at dawn time so you can run the fast with a tub even though was in the country people. A Muslim-friendly country also usually has many supporting facilities for Muslim travelers, so you can still worship well.

2. Plan the Holidays Well

After determining which city or country to visit, you should make a good plan to keep the holidays busy and fast running. You can find out as much information as to where to find mosques and mosques and where halal food is available, so you can plan about how long to visit a tourist spot before looking for takjil or snacks to break the fast.

3. Choose Tourist Places

If in your city or destination country there are so many interesting sights that can be visited, make a priority visit to the tourist attractions so you are not tired and affect your fasting. For a while forget the first desire to ride mountains, rafting or other energy-draining activities. Instead, choose tourist attractions that are relatively easy to reach, such as hunting photos in the city center, visiting museums or historic mosques, mall hopping, shopping, playing on the beach and so on.

4. Bring the necessary Goods

When exploring a city or a country, do not carry too much because it will make you tired quickly. Bring only important items, such as wallets, cameras, passports and prayer supplies. So you can still worship while exploring your holiday destination.

5. Prepare yourself

Before exploring your holiday destination, make sure you are well prepared. Begin by eating nutritious and nutritious foods at dawn, taking vitamins to keep your body stamina during fasting on the go, and do not forget to multiply drinking water during dawn to make enough fluids in your body and avoid dehydration during your walk. And do not forget to rest well for your body more fresh and fit and ready to explore further in the destination even though holiday is fasting.